Candy Sweetheart Valentine Wreath

I was watching Friends last night while on my computer when I got sidetracked on one of my many Google searches and ended up on this weird website looking at the world's largest animals. The biggest turtle ever recorded, the biggest snake, and this weird, neon pink slug. I literally spent 40 minutes looking up animals to see if they were the real deal or a complete hoax. Please tell me I am not the only person who does this? And of course after all of the random searches I didn't even get any work done because I saw an ad for a rug at Urban Outfitters and popped over to their site to order the stupid rug, before closing my computer and saying ahhhhhh I'll upload a blog post tomorrow. Great night of work, but I'm super excited for my rug!

Well here you are folks. The first reindeer ever recorded with a Sweetheart wreath around his neck. And because I am complete loser I had to look up the history of sweethearts and DID YOU KNOWWWWW that Necco manufactures nearly 8 billion sweethearts per year!? I know, crazy talk. Scroll down for the Sweetheart Wreath tutorial. XO


Candy Sweetheart Valentine Wreath

What you need
12" Cardboard Wreath or Cardboard & Scissors
Hot Glue
White or Pink Spray Paint
16 Boxes of sweethearts
Ribbon to hang

1. Lay your cardboard wreath on the table or use a plate or round object to draw and cut your own wreath out of a piece of cardboard. (You can use a smaller round object like a bowl to cut out the center)

2. Start hot gluing your first layer of candy sweethearts all around the wreath and let dry.

3. Once the first layer is down, place random candy hearts all over the top of the first layer, covering all the cardboard spots showing through. 

4. Hang with ribbon

TIP: If you are worried about ants you can buy Shellac at your local hardware store or craft store and glaze the wreath so it doesn't attract little ants.