Toilet Paper Halloween Candles

We are taking basic toilet paper rolls and making spooky black candles this week. Awesommmmmmmeeeeee right?
I know.
All you need is hot glue, black spray paint, and some felt.
Wahahahahhahahah. (Does that sound like Dracula's laugh?)
Bwahahahahaha. (More?)
You get the point.
Make these. They won't disappoint.

Toilet Paper Halloween Candles

What you need
Toilet paper tubes
Battery operated tea lights
Hot glue gun
Black felt

1. Split the toilet paper tubes up the side. Test fit your tea light to get the proper size then glue the sides back together. (Do NOT glue your tea light to the paper tube)

2. Use your hot glue gun to make fake candle drips down the side of the tubes. Be careful as the hot glue is very hot!

3. Once the glue dries, spray paint the glue dripped toilet paper tubes black.

4. Cut circles out of your black felt to cover the tops of the tea lights. Cut a slit for the light bulb to poke through. Lay over the tea lights.

5. Turn on the tea light andles and place in the painted tubes.