Rolo Pencils and Kit Kat Erasers for Back-To-School

My Dad was obsessed with Pink Pearl erasers. So random ... I know. He always had one in his hand. He would hold it in his hand at his desk while he worked. Hahahaha. I literally am laughing even thinking about it. They really are awesome erasers though. So anyway, it's almost Back-To-School time and I saw these pencil roll ups all over Pinterest from various crafters and I thought they would be fun to make for the kids so we made a bunch them and then I decided to add in a Pink Pearl eraser too. These are perfect for a cute Back-to-School treat or they would even be fun for Teacher's Appreciation Day! Make these with your own kids and scroll down for the fun tutorial.


Rolo Pencils and Kit Kat Erasers for Back-To-School


1. Pull the Hershey’s paper out of the kiss, and use double sided tape or a Glue Dot to attach the Hershey’s Kiss to the of the end of the Rolo package. 

2. Cut about a 1″ thick pink strip to add to the top of the Rolo to look like an eraser and a small pink circle to cover the end of the Rolo as the top of the eraser. Use double sided tape to secure the pink eraser pieces on the Rolo.

3. Now cut a piece of yellow cardstock to wrap around the Rolo’s. It should go almost to the end of the Rolos and overlap the eraser.  Fold it about every 1/4 inch over and over to create the crease marks for the pencil. Wrap it around the Rolo package and secure with double sided tape.

4. Cut a 1/2" piece of gray or silver paper and wrap it where the yellow pencil meets the pink eraser. This is the metal piece that holds the eraser on a normal pencil. Attach it with double sided tape. 

5. Using a black marker, write NO. 2 at the top of the pencil.

6. For the erasers, simply cut a piece of pink construction paper to cover the KitKat and write Pink Pearl on the top.