Lego Soap

My daughter Lily is really into Legos right now. We have them all over the place .... all over the place. No, seriously, they ought to come with a special Lego vacuum that can suck up all the Legos on the floor .... and maybe it can put them away and organize them as well. Ok, fine that will never happen. So I took out our Lego mold this week (I used it to make Chocolate Legos last year) and I thought we could use it to make some fun soaps. Well the soaps looked so cool that we decided to give them out as Valentine's to Lily's class. We even made the soaps in pastel colors so they are absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. The tutorial and templates are below!

Lego Soaps

What you need (Lego Soaps)
Silicone Lego ice cube tray
Artminds White glycerin soap base
Large knife
Pyrex measuring cup
Artminds Pastel Soap colorant
Soap Fragrance (optional)
Alcohol in a spray bottle (optional)

(Paper Print Outs)
Lilyshop Lego Valentine Card Template
Handmade Soap Tag Template
Photo paper
Spray Glue
Pink Construction paper

1. Make sure your Lego ice cube tray is clean and dry.

2. Cut the soap base into small cubes or shavings and place in a Pyrex measuring cup. (You will need approximately 1-1/4 cups of cubed glycerine to fill the Lego block tray) 

3. Melt the glycerine on high at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until completely melted then add your desired fragrance or colorant. If you want to do different colors in one mold you will need to divide your glycerine. TIP: Use a toothpick to mix the colors. 

4. Pour the colored soap into the silicone Lego molds and let cool on the counter. You can mist the tops with a little alcohol in a spray bottle and that will get rid of any little bubbles.

5. Once cool, pop out of the Lego mold and place in clear baggies. I got mine at Michaels Crafts.

6. Print out the Lilyshop Lego Valentine card template and Handmade Soap Tags and cut to size.

7. Place one handmade soap tag in the baggy so the kids know it's not edible and tie the bag with twine.

8. Spray the back of the Lego Valentine card with spray glue and mount to pink construction paper and then cut to size. Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the center of the tag and attach with twine. 

TIP: Keep these out of the sun so they don't melt.

* All supplies are from Michaels Crafts except the Lego mold which is from Amazon.