DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Mason jars. Mason jars. Mason jars. Make the trend stopppppppp. We have colored 'em, painted 'em, served salad in 'em, baked pies, cookies, and cakes in 'em.... so let me ask you...

Whatcha doing with all those lids?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Nothing!

Wrap some felt on them and make this super duper cool pumpkin. You will thank me later. Xx


DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

What you need
16 canning jar lid bands
Orange felt
Orange spray paint
Hot glue
Thin orange ribbon
Cinnamon sticks

1. Using a lid band as a guide cut the orange felt to fit the outside edge of the band. Secure the felt on the band in several spots with hot glue. Repeat for the remaining bands.

2. Set up a spray area outside and spray the parts of the lids not covered in felt with the orange paint. Allow to dry overnight.

3. Lay out the lids up with all of them facing the same direction so they "nest" together somewhat. Run 2-3 feet of ribbon through the center of each lid. Pull very tight to form a circle and tie off. Trim excess. Adjust the bands if needed.

4. Place cinnamon sticks in the center of the circle of lid bands using enough to keep the circle firm. Secure with hot glue if desired.