Bingo Art


I am obsessed with Bingo! We play it every year on Christmas and it's seriously the highlight of the day. We even have the Bingo cage where you have to spin it and all the balls bounce around inside the cage. My grandma (Mama) was the original Bingo announcer. We would have Christmas at Mama and Papa's house and everyone was required to bring one $10 gift per and no alcohol what-so-ever. Yes, we have  Bingo rules in our family. Mama would call all the numbers and if you won she would make you read the numbers back to her and then she would say "That's one good Bingo!". My grandma passed away some time ago and I have since have taken over the Bingo tradition and now I am the official Bingo announcer. And, I still say "That's one good Bingo!"

 Well last week I was antique shopping and I came across these vintage Bingo cards. I was so excited because I knew just what I wanted to do with them! I framed them and made vintage Bingo art for our playroom. I am in LOVE.


Bingo Art

What you need
White Frame
Vintage Bingo cards or other game cards
White poster board
Pencil and Ruler
Glue Stick

1. Take out the backer to your frame and lay it down on your white poster board and trace it onto the poster board so it's exactly the size of your backer then cut the poster board to size.

2. Lay your Bingo cards on the poster board and use a ruler if you need to make sure they are even. Glue all your Bingo cards down with a glue stick and frame!