Back to School T-shirts

It's Back to School timeeeee. My favorite part about going back to school was the shopping the week before. I remember my Mom use to take me to Target and I would pick out brand new journals and pencils. I was always obsessed with the clear little zipper pouch thingys that held the pens and pencils. I had this clear hot pink one and it was ahhhammmmmazzzing. It's the little things you remember, right? I would go home and pack everything perfectly and look at it all a dozen times over then pack up my backpack and put it by the door.

Well now I get to make memories with my own babies so last week we whipped up some festive lined paper tees. These are perfect for the first day back to school. They are fairly simple too! Scroll down for the tutorial. 


Back to School T-shirts

What you need
1 black white t-shirt
Red fabric paint
Blue fabric paint
2" Masking tape
Paint Brush
Piece of Cardboard

1. Lay your white t-shirt on a flat surface and insert your piece of cardboard so the paint doesn't bleed through both sides of the shirt.

2. Lay your 2" masking tape horizontally across your shirt, leaving  a 1/4" line in between each piece of tape. This is where your blue lines will go. You should start the first line right below the armpit and make sure to press the tape down really well so the blue paint does not bleed under the tape.

3. Carefully paint your blue line in the middle between the to pieces of tape. Do the same to all the lines, going all the way to the edge of the shirt. Let dry.

4. When the blue paint is dry, peel off the masking tape and apply two pieces of masking tape going vertically down the shirt on the left-hand side. The center of the line should be at the center of the shoulder. This will be your red line. The space in between the two pieces of tape should be 1/4 ".

5. Paint this line red all the way down and let dry then peel off the tape.

6. If you choose to have your child write their name on the t-shirt simply have them use a sharpie to write their name, then carefully go over it with a paint brush and black fabric paint.