AstroTurf Super Bowl Drink Cozies

I just read that Lindsay Lohan greeted fans after her show for 3 hours each day for 5 days and counted it as community service.

WHAT!? Seriously girl? Come on.

Has nothing to do with these AstroTurf cozies.

Just needed to get that off my chest. 

Anyhow, I made these bad boys today on KTLA and literally they only take a minute to make. I bought all my astro turf at Home Depot in a huge roll so I could use it as my table cloth as well, but you could also buy smaller amounts of this. Scroll down below for the tutorial.


AstroTurf Super Bowl Drink Cozies

What you need
Hot Glue

1. Unroll your AstroTurf and measure your bottle from 1/2" from the bottom of your can or bottle to 1/2" from the top of the can or start of the neck of the bottle.

2. Chalk a line across the AstroTurf and cut along this line so you have one giant strip.

3. Now place your can or bottle in the AstroTurf and roll it up so there is about a 3/4" overlap and draw a line with chalk and cut the piece out. This is now your template to cut the rest to size.

4. Wrap the AstroTurf around the bottle or can tightly and place your hot glue along one edge of the AstroTurf and carefully press the other edge onto it and hold with your fingers for about a minute until dry.

Tip: I find that if you don't hot glue the AstroTurf while it's around the bottle or can the cozy will be too loose and fall off.