Popcorn Pumpkin

Movie night wouldn't be the same without a giant popcorn pumpkin. These kernels are glued so make sure you make enough to eat while you prep this pumpkin. We are on a faux food-themed pumpkin binge right now. We can't stoppppppp. These are just so cute. Scroll down for the tutorial!


Popcorn Pumpkin

What you need
(1) 9" White faux pumpkin
Red paint
Red construction paper
White construction paper
Red sticker letters
Air-popped plain popcorn
Hot glue
Spray adhesive

1. Paint every other groove of the pumpkin with red paint to create the "popcorn container". Let dry.

2. Using air-popped popcorn with no oil or butter or salt, hot glue each popped kernel to the top stem and surrounding area. If you are worried about ants eating your pumpkin and you would like to keep it for several years make sure to shellac or varnish it. 

3. Depending on the size of your sticker letters cut a rectangle out of the red construction paper and a smaller rectangle out of the white construction paper. Using a tiny amount of spray adhesive apply the smaller white rectangle to the front of the red rectangle. Apply your stickers after and attach the sign with hit glue. You can also use a marker and just write "Popcorn".