Gumball Machine Pumpkin

When you turn a pumpkin into something as beautiful as this you deserve a freaking award. I mean come on! This is amazing! 


I heard short skirts and knee highs are out. Mom's that hot glue shit to pumpkins is the new sexy.

Gumball Machine Pumpkin

What you need
(1) 9" plastic pumpkin
1200 multicolored 1/2" Poms
Hot Glue
Red Paint or Spray paint
Silver Paint
(1) 5 1/2" tall x 7" wide plastic flower pot ($4)
(1) 3" terracotta plant saucer
(2) gems or random circular pieces to accessorize the pot
(2) wood craft spoons or tounge depressors
(1) sheet of gray felt
(1) sheet of black felt


1. Attach your poms one by one with hot glue. Do not cover the bottom with poms and leave the pumpkin base so it can attach to your flower pot.

2. Flip over your flower pot and your saucer and spray paint or paint both your pieces red (or any color you like). We painted the plastic pot holder first and then spray painted over it so it wouldn't chip. They make spray paints that say they are specifically for plastic and supposedly it won't chip off, but we haven't found any to be that great so we just did an acrylic paint layer and a spray paint top coat.

3. Using hot glue, attach the base of your pumpkin to the bottom of the flower pot. Also hot glue the saucer to the top of the pumpkin.

4. Cut a 3.5" x 4" piece of gray felt and hot glue it to the flower pot base. Add a black semi circle felt piece below the gray rectangle.

5. Now this is where you can get creative. I added a second black 2" semi circle at the base of the grey rectangle and another piece that wraps up onto the lid of the flower pot. I attached both with hot glue. I also cut a black 2" circle for the quarter and a 2" gray felt semi circle to hold the coin. I used two small gems and painted them silver and place one on top of the wooden spoon pieces and another on top of the machine. You can use a another piece of felt or a button. Just use something you already have laying around the house.