Quick Healthy Lentil Dip

It's almost summer!
Which means it's time to wake up hungry and fit into that teenie weenie bikini : )

Ok, so my posts are usually filled with sugar, butter, and more sugar, but today I have a special recipe from my very fit friend Heather Perren. She is sharing her fabulous healthy lentil dip recipe so you can lounge by the pool this summer and still enjoy some delicious food while not feeling guilty about it. This dip is amazzzzzing. Even for a cheesy, butter lover like myself. Scroll down for the recipe!


Lentil Dip

1lb Ready to Eat Trader Joes steamed Lentils
6 oz Fat Free Crumbled Feta
14.5 oz Fresh Bruschetta Sauce
Reduced Guilt Trader Joes Chips

1. In a large bowl combine steamed lentils, feta cheese, and Bruschetta sauce. Mix well to combine.

2. Serve with Guilt Trader Joes Pita chips and store in the refrigerator for up to one week.