Nilla Wafer Hamburger Cookies

Lily and I had bought some Nilla Wafers on Thursday night because she wanted to make sandwich cookies. We had the super fun idea to turn them into mini Hamburgers so we woke up super early yesterday and totally ditched school to make these little cuties. Aren't they adorable!? I'm in love with them. How cute would these be for a bbq? Memorial Day? Fourth of July? LalalalaLOVE them!

Nilla Wafer Hamburger Cookies

Nilla Wafer Cookies
Green & Red Frosting
Sesame Seeds
Paint Brush & Water

1. Lay out your Nilla Wafers and flip half of them upside down. 

2. Layer some Nutella on the upside down Nilla Wafer then squirt some green frosting over the "burger" portion and dab a bit of red on for ketchup. If you have yellow frosting, you could add some "mustard".

3. Place the second Nilla wafer on top and squeeze down.

4. Using a tiny paint brush dab a drop of water on top and drop a couple sesame seeds on top. The water will make them stick to the cookie.