Hello Reindeer Cupcake.
Well aren't you just too freaking cute.
Might just have to eat you.
Nom nom nom. 



Reindeer Cupcakes

What you need
Chocolate cupcakes or at least cupcakes with chocolate frosting
Regular pretzels
Mini Nilla wafers
Red M&M's for Rudolph
Brown M&M's for Reindeer
Mini Marshmallows
Brown frosting for the eyeballs Directions

1. Press two pretzels in the top of hte chocolate cupcake for the "antlers".

2. Next press in your two mini marshmallows and add dots of brown frosting for the "eyeball"

3. Lay down your mini Nilla wafer and using more chocolate frosting attach your "nose"

4. Eat and sing Rudolph the Red nost Reindeer. Merry Christmas!